DAKU REAPERS would like to welcome you to the family. We are a 100% doxxed team. 100/100 Alder Score, and fully integrated on chain DAO. Staking will be coming soon, along with a lot of other awesome benefits for our holders. 


Minting Begins

MARCH 26 2022 15:00:00 UTC

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Price per Mint

1.2 SOL

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you doxxed?

YES! Not only have we publicly doxxed, but we have doxx certifications from bother Alder as well as Proof of Pizza, and The Sanctuary 

Will there be staking?

Yes! Staking will happen shortly after full sell out. 

Do you have a game?

yes we have a dice game out now, and another game on the way

Will the current collection have a purpose?

YES! all of our daku are special but the originals will always have something special. 

Where will you be listing?

We will ONLY be listing on Magic Eden

What safety measures are in place?

We have multiple multi signature wallets that take 5 signatures, fully integrated on chain DAO so anything we do is 100% transparent and visible. We have 199% doxxed, and have the full support of the Sanctuary.